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Our department offers consulting and collaboration services on managing your projects, you can contact to us:

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What is BIM?




B.I.M is a new methodology of collaborative work process through Project Management through 3D digital modelling. This methodology comprises all the processes related with the different steps of a project construction.

In our case, as manufacturers, it helps to keep information up to date in relation with our products, and make it available in every step of the project, limiting errors in selection, installation, usage, and recycling of our products.  

The advantages of this new methodology relay in more quality of the final product, as the design can be reviewed in earlier steps of the project, information reliability as modes directly come from the manufacturer and they can be permanently updated, cost reduction as execution operations can be optimized, therefore productivity is improved, and companies can be better positioned in foreign markets where public tenders request that this methodology must be used as it improves the sustainability of infrastructures enabling  its maintenance once the project has been finished. 


BIM Model

Jimten offers BIM models in Revit 2015 file format, widely recognized by the market, as the tool of information exchange. Since Spain has not yet defined a common standard the recommendations of Comité CEN/TC 442 will be followed as well as those of the most representative associations whose links are enclosed.





Access our BIM files

We have created an area in our web site from which you will be able to download all B.I.M. families files, and in which we will be adding further novelties and information. 


BIM Files

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