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3g Universal flushing mechanism for WC

3g Universal flushing mechanism for WC
3g Universal flushing mechanism for WC

JIMTEN New flusing mechanism 2 volumes  adapts quickly and easily to all low- tank toilets in the market.

An evolution in our original flushing mechanism allows, in only one model, the installation in toilets provided with threaded base (eg. Roca models before 2007) or with quick plug (models after 2007)

Cisterns mechanisms range

  • S-575 Double volume flushing mechanism
  • S-576 Double volume flushing mechanism
  • S-585 Double volume flushing mechanism

Technical characteristics

  • New push mechanisms

    New push mechanisms

    With the new range, we present 3 different designs of push mechanisms. Possibility to adapt to multiple positions.

  • Easy installation

    Easy installation

    The switch is mounted quickly and easily thanks to the cable drive system , and without tools.

  • Compact


    Easily cut-out to accommodate different sizes of low tank cistern. Meets the requirements of the NF standard.

  • Ecological


    Control of water consumption every moment, got thanks to the height adjustment of the floater and the level of residual water.

Installation instructions

Adaptable to new toilets or toilets with Roca base already installed.


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