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  • LINNUM 40 Canaleta para ducha de obra

    Its small size, only 58 mm, high flow rate, up to 72 l/min. and its fixation system with metallic flange, makes it an optimal product to make a shallow shower tray with the size you want.

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  • CAMALEON Magnetech Sumidero para platos de ducha de obra

    A full range of products adapted to any need, silent operation and easy maintenance. You can install a bathroom  anywhere in your home.

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  • Linnum Wall, the wall slot channel

    We present our new solution for tiled shower tray. With cover on wall in several finishes, one of them refillable, allows the installation of showers according to the latest market trends.


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Plumbing Supplies

Jimten is a plumbing supplies company with many years of experience in the sector. We manufacture a wide range of materials and parts for plumbing: traps, fitting, sanitary macerators, ball valves…

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Phonoblack: Nuevo sistema de bajante insonorizada
Phonoblack: Nuevo sistema de bajante insonorizada

Sistema de evacuación insonorizado   Gama completa de altas prestaciones     El sistema Mezcla innovadora hecha de PVC-U enriquecida con aditivos minerales seleccionados para un e

Linnum 40 Canaleta para plato de ducha de obra
Linnum 40 Canaleta para plato de ducha de obra

La gama Linnum crece con la incorporación de Linnum 40. Un nuevo canal de evacuación con solo 40 mm de ancho, que permite diseñar espacios de ducha a ras de suelo más modernos y minimalistas. Se

BLACK EDITION Sifones de diseño con acabado negro mate
BLACK EDITION Sifones de diseño con acabado negro mate

Las líneas rectas de los dos nuevos modelos combinan a la perfección en instalaciones vistas. S-442 S-438   Con tapón de registro y cuello extensible y alargadera p


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Válvulas para plato de ducha con sifón de 50mm (EN274)

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Linnum Wall: Vertical gully for tiled showers

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Extra-flat shower tray waste outlet Ø50-60

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Designing with you, now also in BIM!

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  • Filter system

    Filter system

    The effective filtering tool, versatile and profitable.

  • Sanitary Macerators

    Sanitary Macerators

    Allows the installation of a bathroom or kitchen in every place: stair case hollow, garage, attics...

  • Interbath


    Complete range of accesories for the bathroom. Hand showers, columns, curtain rods, flexible hoses…

  • Linnum


    Slot drainage channel for masonry built showers