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LINNUM:Slot drainage channels for tiled showers with grid and NARROW FRAME option

November 3rd, 2016

LINNUM: Canaletas para plato de ducha con rejilla y opción CERCO OCULTO

Linnum a wide range of designs adapted to each installation requirements. The linear drainage allows stylish designs as it enables easier installation of built made shower slopes.

Install a floor access level shower tray thanks to the shallow height of the shower channel and a wide range of grids and designs adapted to each installation.

linnum jimten gama.png

Of all the features of this range, we can stand out the NARROW FRAME option, a new minimalist concept
of frame, suitable for the whole range of available grids, ideally suited to any ambience.

linnum jimten cerco oculto.png 

On the other hand, custom finishes. Thanks to its reversible design, Soft model, different finishes (ceramic, marble, glass) can be obtained. Simply by turning the grid 180°you will get a fill-in frame to match the
bathroom design

linnum jimten rejilla soft.png