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Our department offers consulting and collaboration services on managing your projects, you can contact to us:

Email: prescripcion@jimten.com
Specification area phone number: (+34) 965 111 484

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  • Sanitary conformity certificate for HTA pipes and fittings
  • Spanish Building Code Regulations
  • Water distribution report on the micro bacteria growth in 6 materials
  • Technical extract from the technical guide for sanitary installations. From the French General Direction of Public Health
  • Extract of the KIWA study on the bio film development
  • Anti-Legionella efficient systems
  • Real Decreto 1751/1998 Thermal installation regulations (Spain)
  • Real Decreto 865/2003. 4th July. Sanitary-hygienic requirements for the anti-legionella protection. (Spain).
  • HTA system Certification of Conformity for pipes
  • HTA system Anti-corrosion
  • HTA system Fire protection. Euro classes
  • Homologation certificate for the commercialization of HTA-CPVC pipes and fittings in the Republic of Cuba