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JIMTEN: DIT certification for AKASISON system

August 4th, 2015

JIMTEN: Certificación DIT para el sistema AKASISON

In order to provide the best guarantees for our customers , we have obtained  the Technical Approval for Siphonic System Evacuation for Stormwater AKASISON of JIMTEN.

This document is a favourable technical appreciation by the Institute of Building Sciences Eduarto Torroja, for the use of our evacuation system of  rainwater on roofs AKASISON.

The AKASISON system allows to make collectors without slope and reducing the  number of floor gullies and downpipes , thereby allowing improve the designs of drainage systems and reduce the space for facilities and digging of sanitation buried.

The granting of this DIT confirms the suitability of JIMTEN AKASISON system in rainwater management  and become it in a point of reference in the construction market.




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