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FITTING gama'55

June 2nd, 2015

FITTING gama'55

Jimten’s Gama’55 offers the most extensive range in Compression Fittings for PE pipes (low & high density) of the market.

Its compact design, easiness of installation and reliability has being tested by the different European Certification Organizations.

The operating secutiry is mastered thanks to the perfect water tightness system an the conical pressing ring, FOR ALL KINDS OF POLYETHYLENE PIPES, whose tensile strength and tearing of resistance overcomes all the existent norms specifications.



Unique accesory identified with Jimten brand and "N" mark of AENOR standard.




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Standard installation

 instconv_1.jpg  instconv_2.jpg  instconv_3.jpg instconv_4.jpg
1 - Disassemble the accessory 2 - Insert the following parts into the
end of the pipe: the nut, the toothed
conical ring, the washer and the
o-ring gasket.
3 - Introduce the pipe in the accessory,
fit the o-ring, the washer and the toothed
conical ring until they meet the body.
4 - Screw up the nut until it meets the


PUSH-FIT Installation

Easy and quick assembling

The easy join system allows connecting the pipe directly into the fitting for sizes from 20 to 50 mm.

The clip system prevents the lost of pieces in case of accessory disassembling thanks to the “o” ring and washer blocked inside the accessory body.

 instfacil_1.jpg  instfacil_2.jpg  instfacil_3.jpg
1 -Unscrew the nut 2 or 3 turns. 2 - Make sure that the pipe is cut square. Insert
it in the fitting surpassing the O’ring without
reaching the end.
3 - Tighten up the nut. (From ø 40 mm the use
of a wrench is recommended).

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