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December 15th, 2015

Tarifa Jimten 15


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Please check the latest product novelties available on this edition such as sanitary macerators concealed installation , the Linnum 50 shallow channels for tiled shower trays , the new model S-579 and other interesting products in the irrigation range .


logo-excel.png pricelist.jpg Linnumcamaleon.jpg concealedcisterns.jpg
Pricelist Catalogue Pricelist JIMTEN Ed.7 SANITARY / END USER / Tiled shower tray waste outlets. Camaleon/ Linnum SANITARY / END USER / Cisterns - Concealed cisterns systems
sanitarymacerators.jpg Seriecartaoro.jpg drains.jpg wastetrapsaccesories.jpg
 SANITARY / END USER Sanitary macerators and Lifting Station  SANITARY / END USER "Carta Oro" Series  SANITARY Drains  SANITARY Waste and traps accessories
wcconnectors.jpg Cisternsmechanism.jpg pvcadhesives.jpg flooraccesories.jpg
WC pan connectors
Cisterns mechanisms
PVC Adhesives
BUILDING Floor Accessories for private use
inspectionchamber.jpg valves.jpg fittings.jpg irrigation.jpg
BUILDING Inspection Chamber "Sistema Colector" INDUSTRIAL Valves INDUSTRIAL Fittings INDUSTRIAL Irrigation
merchandising.jpg Replacement Sanitary Replacement Industrial  


For further information you can contact our EXPORT department or at the email: international@jimten.com


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