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Extra-flat shower tray waste outlet Ø50-60

Extra-flat shower tray waste outlet Ø50-60

Extra-flat shower tray waste outlet Ø50-60

Extra-flat shower tray waste outlet have hi flow rate, improving by 37% the EN274 norm requirements. Install it in extra-flat shower tray, up to 27 mm in thickness, according to the latest market trends.


Its design has been optimized to cope with up to 150 kg load of charge and easy to install due to 3 fastening points.


Designed for shower trays with minimum height, total height 58 mm, and emovable trap, 30 mm water seal, easier to clean.





  • S-578 Shallow shower tray waste outlet in Ø70
  • S-578 Shallow shower tray waste outlet in Ø70. For smooth pipes.
  • S-578 Shallow shower tray waste outlet in Ø85
  • S-578 Shallow shower tray waste outlet in Ø85. For smooth pipes.
  • S-579 Shallow shower tray waste outlet without cover. For smooth pipes.

Technical data

  • High flow rate

    High flow rate

    A flow rate up to 57 l/min is obtained when EN274 essays are done with a 120 mm water column and with the trap removed.

  • Metal clamp

    Metal clamp

    2 points stainless steel flange. Anti-turn for shower trays up to 27 mm in thickness.

  • Shallow


    Install it in extra-flat shower trays according to the latest market trends.

  • Co-Injection flat joint

    Co-Injection flat joint

    Integrated in the waste outlet body. Prevent leaks in the joint and install it quicker.

  • Water seal

    Water seal

    Conceived for shallow shower trays. Only 58 mm in height. Removable trap, 30 mm water seal, easier to clean.

  • Suitable for floor trap

    Suitable for floor trap

Installation Instructions

Jimten instalacion valvula 1.png     Jimten instalacion valvula 2.png

Install a shallow shower tray thanks to the             We have versions adapted to every shower 

reduced height waste outlets. Only 58 mm             tray with hole in Ø52, 62 or 90 mm.

in height.                                    


Jimten instalacion valvula 3.png      Jimten instalacion valvula 4.png

Check the producto in the desired installation.       Level the waste outlet, fix it to the waste pipe

area. Sufficient space should be available.               by means of solvent (if appropiate) out nout 

                                                                                          and  joint tightening. Check no leakage appears.



Jimten instalacion valvula 5.png     Jimten instalacion valvula 6.png

Fill-in the shower tray base according to the          Install the shower tray onte the waste outlet,

manufacturer's recommendations. Check in          check it perfectly rests onto its top

advance the correct water tightness of the             watertightness joint.



Jimten instalacion valvula 7.png     Jimten instalacion valvula 8.png

Position the metal flange onto the shower tray     Tighten the screws



Jimten instalacion valvula 9.png     Jimten instalacion valvula 10.png 

Insert the trap onto the shower waste outlet           Install cover and check it is correctly adjusted

body. Check it correctly fits.                                         onto the metal flange.


Jimten instalacion valvula 11.png     Jimten instalacion valvula 12.png

Finish the edges of the shower tray with                  Enjoy a shallow shower tray and a high

silicone (or other insulation) to prevent water         drainage flow rate.


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