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CICLON Sanitary Macerators

CICLON Sanitary Macerators
CICLON Sanitary Macerators

A complete range of products that allows to install a bathroom or kitchen anywhere.


Install it everywhere


The small size and easiness of installation of for the Jimten Sanitary Macerators and Lifting Stations enables the installation of a bathroom or kitchen in every place: stair case hollow, garage, attics...



Clean hands

Its innovative Sistema Caset allows a quick access to the internal components, making the maintenance process simple and clean.


Silent and convenient

Designed to guaratee a maximum discreetness, its silent operation is perfect to allow installations within the bedroom, office, and waiting room areas...


Installation and use chart

Jimten offers a complete range Sanitary Macerators and Lifting Station adapted to any installation requirement.


Total guarantee (*)

Jimten has a complete network of Technical Assistance Service around Spain and Portugal centralized in a (+34) 965 109 066 to offer the best service. Check your dealer for other countries.


Quality standars

Jimten sanitary macerators and lifting stations are made in Spain according to the most demanding quality and environmental norms: EN-ISO 9001, EN-ISO 14001, which offer the highest warranty and reliability



Product range

  • T-604 Sanitary macerator CICLON L
  • EB-705 Lifting station CICLON LS
  • T-502 Sanitary macerator CICLON XS
  • T-501 Sanitary macerator CICLON FIT1
  • T-502 Sanitary macerator CICLON FIT2
  • T-503 Sanitary macerator CICLON FIT3
  • T-604CS Sanitary macerator CICLON CS
  • T-604CC Concealed cistern with incorporated sanitary macerator CICLON CC

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