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Risk Prevention Prevention


JIMTEN, S.A. adopts the commitment to get to their workers an adequate level of safety at work without compromising health as a result of that work. Also it aims to preserve the property and processes against losses.

To implement this commitment necessary for safety conditions in the workplace comply with applicable legal requirements and other related risk prevention requirements and with accepted practices in the industry measures taken.

continued attention to the identification and elimination of hazards that may cause injury and illness to employees, fires, property loss or processes, adopting the commitment to prevent damage and deterioration of health and continuous improvement will remain management and performance of prevention.

JIMTEN, S.A., recognizes that the best system to support preventive effort is to devise prevention as something intrinsic and inherent in all forms of work. responsibilities and objectives in prevention directly on the skills that each has assigned in the course of their work, so that the integration of prevention achieved in all activities of the company and at all hierarchical levels are assigned : from the highest management levels to reach all workers.

The different levels of management JIMTEN, S.A., managed safety and health in a professional manner, applying themselves of their responsibility (planning, organization, management, monitoring and periodic review) for the administration of preventive activities established functions. They include prevention in all activities carried out or ordered and in all decisions taken, and integrated into decisions on technical processes, work organization and conditions of their provision.

The company deposited in trust all employees to achieve the above, the benefit of prevention is a necessity for everyone.

In Alicante to March 8, 2016


Jose Antonio Quiles

Country Manager España