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JIMTEN, S.A. is aware of the possible environmental impact of its activities and that is why it seeks solutions for any possible effects on the environment around it by establishing a preventive action procedure that allows for the detection of problems before the environment is affected. In order to do so, JIMTEN, S.A. establishes an environmental policy that is revised and updated.

Overall, the environmental policy of JIMTEN, S.A. is aimed at the minimisation of the possible environmental impact of its activities and at fulfilling all the established regulations. The following principles of the environmental policy constitute the guidelines for the staff’s day-to-day actions.

    • We are ready to take action to protect the environment with the aim of preserving the health of human beings and their surroundings, by means of the use of technologies and products that respect the environment.


    • We want to minimise the effect of waste on the environment, reusing raw materials as much as possible and controlling the elimination of waste through adequate management..


    • We take on the commitment to meet all the current legal requirements, the requirements of the environmental declaration of the ALIAXIS group (ALIAXIS ENVIRONMENTAL CHARTER) and other of the Group’s requirements as regards the Environment and its changes.


  • We include a continuous improvement commitment in terms of environmental action and of the prevention of pollution, which means monitoring the reduction over time of possible negative effects on the environment through our environmental goals and targets, adopting the best techniques available that can be justified economically.

Therefore, by means of these guidelines we will focus on managing safe, non-polluting facilities and manufacturing Quality products.



Jose Antonio Quiles

Country Manager España